The Master Craftsman Programs are designed to promote excellence in embroidery by providing the accomplished needleworker the opportunity to demonstrate skills and become certified as a "master" in her or his area of expertise. Each program area consists of six steps that test the ability and workmanship of the candidate. Requirements may include, but are not limited to, working embroidery, creating designs, and performing research, all according to program guidelines.

A member may enroll in as many Master Craftsman Programs as desired. Prior to registration, prospective candidates may address questions to the appropriate program chair. To enroll, complete the online registration form. The initial enrollment cost for each program is $50. Each step sent for evaluation must be accompanied by a check for $20; for each resubmission, $15. Fees will be adjusted to cover extra postage for foreign candidates.

In addition, questions may be directed to the EGA Administrator, Brad Cape.

Click an image below to learn more about each program, what the requirements are for a Step 1 submission, examples of successfully completed pieces, and to sign up.

MC Beading Sample   MC Canvas Sample MC Color Sample  MC Counted Sample
Beading Canvas Embroidery Color for Needlework Counted Thread
MC Crewel Sample   MC Design Sample MC Quilting Sample  MC Silk Metal Sample
Crewel Embroidery Design for Needlework Quilting Silk & Metal Threads
MC Smocking Sample   MC Surface Sample    
Smocking Surface Embroidery





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