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with Laura Smith

MatryoshkasSet SMALL

Russian nesting dolls, also called matryoshkas, decorate a pin and earring set. Printed fabric is embroidered with Kreinik metallic thread and silk. The pieces are backed with fabric and a hardening material is applied to the edges to seal them and protect against moisture and dirt. Beads and jewelry findings are added. Learn this quick and easy method in a series of three lessons spread out over six weeks. Method is transferable to any printed fabric--makes great gifts or ornaments.

Class Overview:

Create two pins and an earring set (clipped or pierced) by embellishing colorful matryoshkas printed on fabric with Kreinik metallic threads and Splendor silk. You’ll learn Laura’s streamlined way of finishing using mixed media. This method is transferable to any lightweight fabric.

Skill Level: Class is open to all skill levels

Cost: $45 (additional shipping charges apply for Canada and International) **Note on Price: There was a typo in the August 2017 E-Newsletter for the price of this class.The correct prices are reflected above. We apologize for any inconvenience.**



August 14 Registration Opens
September 12 Registration Closes
October 10  1st Lesson Posted on Website
October 24  2nd Lesson Posted on Website
November 7  3rd Lesson Posted on Website




Design Area: (depends on color choice) Pin is 2.5” to 3” high; earrings are 1” to 2” high

Colorways and sizes: Color ways can be seen here, they include blue-violet, red, blue, and black. Pin and earring motifs range in size depending upon color choice. About a week after registering you will receive an email from the teacher asking for your choice.

The Kit Includes:

Matryoshka motifs for one large pin, one medium sized pin, and two earrings in the student’s preferred color(s). Motifs arrive applied to backing fabric for easy hooping; Kreinik metallic threads, Splendor silks, coordinating beads, appropriate needles, hardening material, pin back, and earring findings (choice of pierced or clip)


Students to Provide:

Embroidery scissors, scissors for cutting metal threads, 5” or 6” embroidery hoop, and a plastic bag to cover the work surface for finishing.

About the teacher:

Laura Smith, who has been stitching for over fifty years, is an embroidery innovator who teaches internationally. She is the author of three popular correspondence courses for the EGA, former chairman of Fiber Forum (a group of original designers within EGA) and has held every office in her chapter. She holds the EGA Master Craftsman in Color and has chaired the Color Program since 2006. Her website is


The course discussion forum will be set up on the EGA website.  You will need to be able to log in to the "Members Only" area of the website in order to access the posted lessons and discussion.  If you have any questions, please email


Creating a Beaded Menagerie
with Nancy Eha

MainImageMenagerie names

We are thrilled to announce our third quarter class entitled “Creating a Beaded Menagerie” with Nancy Eha of In this class you will create Buzz the dragonfly, Dolly the llama, Inky the octopus, and Hoot the owl while learning four distinct ways of making large beaded imagery. In addition, you will also be introduced to creating a variety of foliage options to embellish your beaded creatures.

In seven lessons, both new and experienced students will explore bead embroidery stitched in new and innovative ways made famous by Nancy. Using mostly small size 11 seed and delica beads you will create four charming creatures representing land, sea and air, all heavily beaded measuring 4” to 5” in size.

Join Nancy as she shows her secrets for making what appears to be complex beaded imagery easy to master. All experience levels are welcome, as each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. In addition to text, photos, and illustrations, a course DVD will be provided in the kit containing video demonstrations of the major steps and techniques.

Registration is now closed


Class overview:

In this class you will learn a variety of adapted bead embroidery stitches, starting with these: backstitch, stop, fringe, seed, and padded long stitch. Nancy will teach you her original adaptations of these stitches while guiding you in creating a beaded menagerie. You will also be introduced to using uncommon beading supplies in new ways: Lacey’s Stiff Stuff, parachute cord, tulle, and felt. As beads are three dimensional, you will be adding a third dimension to the fabric surface. Although the class samples are on felted dyed wool, you may chose to use cotton fabric as well. However, Nancy encourages you to make a 9” to 12” block for each creature as beading on a larger piece of fabric is difficult. Instructions on choosing and preparing the background fabric will be included in your kit.

Nancy is preparing a required kit, which will include all beads, needles, thread and assorted materials needed to complete the Menagerie.

The kit includes:

Course DVD, 12 pack of beading needles, 2 pack of needle threaders, Beading mat, Patterns, 7 colors of Silamide beading thread in necessary colors, Lacey’s Stiff Stuff, Camel colored felt, Cut away stabilizer, Freezer paper, Instructor’s pre-made dragonfly wings, Parachute cord, 6-7 colors of Delica beads for Hoot the Owl, 11 or more colors of Japanese seed beads in 2 sizes, for the remaining creatures, Small amounts of various beads and sewing materials.

Supplies not supplied in the kit, but needed for class:

9” to12” square of background fabric for each creature (details in kit), 6” to 7” embroidery hoop, tapestry type ribbon (approximately 1” wide by 1 ½” long for llama blanket), hand sewing needle and thread for basting, small sharp embroidery scissors, paper scissors, soft lead colored pencils (Ex. Crayola Twistables commonly found in arts and crafts stores), soft lead mechanical pencil or sharp pointed pencil, sharpie black marker or other fast drying black permanent marker, straight pins, tweezers, white or light colored surface to work on, task lighting and/or magnifiers as needed. Optional small buttons, embroidery thread or ribbon, lace, tatting, etc. from your stash.

Skill Level: Class is open to all skill levels.

Cost: $200 + Shipping


June 21 Registration Opens
July 19 Registration Closes
1st week August Kits and Texts mailed to Students
August 16 Lesson 1 Posted on Website
August 23 Lesson 2 Posted on Website
August 30 Lesson 3 Posted on Website
September 6 Lesson 4 Posted on Website
September 13 Lesson 5 Posted on Website
September 20 Lesson 6 Posted on Website
September 27 Lesson 7 Posted on Website


 About the Teacher:

Nancy Eha is a designer and teacher specializing in beadwork. She has been exploring with beads and fabric and teaching fabric beading nationally for over 20 years. Affectionately called The Beading Queen by her students, she has taught throughout the country for guilds, online venues, beading and quilting shops. Nancy is the author of two books, “Bead Creative Like Crazy” and “Bead Creative Art Quilts”.

The course discussion forum will be set up on the EGA website.  You will need to be able to log in to the "Members Only" area of the website in order to access the posted lessons and discussion.  If you have any questions, please email 



Some of our Previous Classes


A Trio of Treasures
with Judy Jeroy

In this class, students created a set of three Crewel needlework accessories: Pincushion, Needle Book, and Scissors Case. Students learned learn buttonhole, chain, whipped chain, twisted chain, close fly, outline, stem, whipped spider, and soft shading stitches.

 TrioOfTreasures Set Small


Time To Be Happy
with Denise Harrington-Pratt

This fun, contemporary sampler was taught in an 8-lesson class featuring a plethora of counted stitches, some of which students may not have encountered before. Some of the stitches were: nun, rapid, French, double-running, zig-zag Palestrina, alternating double back, Ohio star, triple back, celestial eyelet, wrapped triangular eyelet and many more.



Fifty Shades of Pai(sley)
with Amee K. Sweet-McNamara

Fifty Shades of Pai(sley) was an exotic exploration of exciting textile techniques that covered basic soutache techniques such as Aligning & Stacking, Backing & Edge-Beading. Experienced stitchers were able to add new skills to their repertoire: Inlays, Working with Twisted Cord, Making Pinwheels, Incorporating Shibori Ribbon as well as several styles of bead embroidery.

 FiftyShades Main


Creating Beaded Gardens
with Nancy Eha

A class for all experience levels where students learned a variety of Crazy Beading stitches.  Crazy beading is an original technique of Nancy’s where she has devised a method of accurately and uniformly replicating embroidery stitches with beading patterns. Students learned to create a variety of beaded vines, petals, leaves, stamen, grapes, wisteria, and berries using mostly small size 11 seed beads.

 Creating Beaded Gardens Main



Gilded Pomegranate
with Deborah Merrick-Wilson

This class introduced embroiderers to the art of traditional English goldwork at the beginning and intermediate levels. A discipline unto itself, no previous experience with metal threads was necessary. Techniques covered included invisible couching with gilt pearl purl, contoured chipping, “S”ing and “Z”ing, pattern stitching, gilt spangle and gold seed bead attachment, padding with English felt and bumpf, and proud looped chipping. Suggestions for optional, open patterned background treatments will also be provided.


 Gilded Pomegranate



Patriotic Sparklers #2
with Margaret Bendig

The red, white and blue Patriotic Sparklers came in two different sets. There were seven different projects in this course and when students posted their photo of the seven stitched patterns, they received a bonus pattern to add to your collection of Sparklers!

 patriotic sparklers set2

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