As a member of a local chapter, you will hone your skills and meet others who share your passion for stitching. Benefits include regularly scheduled meetings, workshops, lectures, stitch-ins, and participating in group correspondence courses. Other benefits include the quarterly magazine, Needle Arts, national seminars and the extensive lending library.

Chapters are organized into 13 regions. Chapter members may attend region events such as seminars, leadership training and workshops. Activities and dues vary from chapter to chapter. Local chapters reach out into the community with volunteer service and projects, showcase their needlework by organizing exhibits and also have newsletters that contain information about chapter, region, national and other needlework activities

All chapter members receive

  • A copy of Needle Arts, EGA’s quarterly publication with topical articles, hints and how-to's, letters to the editor, chapter news, calendar of events and current or timely Education information
  • A copy of the Education Catalog published by the Education Department. All members are encouraged to take advantage of EGA's educational opportunities which are many, varied and encompass all levels of expertise.
  • Information for the National Seminar that is held each year.

Join more than one chapter – write to us to find out more about “plural” membership or to share comments or questions about EGA or Embroidery.

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Chapter membership fees are determined at the chapter/region level. For more information, please contact the chapter you wish to join for more information.

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