The national board has received inquiries from chapter officers regarding nominating committees: what are they? how should they work? what the committee can and cannot do? .To answer those questions, we are providing that information in a short series of articles. The full series, as it develops, will be available on the website.

To introduce the topic: What is a Nominating Committee?

Nominating committees are common in organizations such as EGA. Such committees have the duties assigned by the group, but the primary duties are to (1) To select nominees whose experience and qualities meet the needs of the organization; (2) To contact prospective nominees and obtain their consent to serve if elected; (3) To prepare and submit a report, which may include the reasons for the selection of the nominees.

EGA’s national organization has successfully used a nominating committee for a number of years. Many of the chapters and region bylaws also provide for nominating committees. The committee’s duties may be given in detail or not in the bylaws or elaborated in policies and procedures.

Using EGA national’s committee functions as an example (all of which may not be applicable to chapters and regions), the committee solicits and maintains resumes of potential candidates. These resumes are useful to the organization, not just for the national offices, but to locate people with skills for the many committee positions throughout EGA.

The nominating committee does not run the election. The election is managed by board officers in accordance with their respective duties, e.g. the president’s call for the meeting or election; the secretary distributing appropriate notices, ballots, etc. Typically, the board secretary with a teller or assistant tallies the votes and reports to the membership. How the nominating committee is selected and how it goes about its duties will be the next installment in the series.

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