A Little Book of Embroidery Basics

little bookA Little Book of Embroidery Basics is just what it says -- a collection of tips and bits of knowledge collected by the author, designed to help a beginning embroiderer with some really basic knowledge about the wonderful world of embroidery in any of its forms, and to encourage an established embroiderer to pursue beautiful stitches. Included are 'The Expert Advises' – invaluable tips offered from some of our teachers!

The book is available by clicking below:

- Click here to download a 5.5" x 8.5 PDF file for printing in booklet format. This format can be bound in the method of your choice at your local print shop (or not). You can also use your settings to print it on 8.5" x 11" size if you prefer.

Funding for A Little Book of Embroidery Basics was provided by the Gay Montague Phillips Bequest.



Technique Basics An Introductory Program to Surface Stichery
stl tech basics sample crewel

 by Judy Jeroy


Technique Basics Counted Cross-Stitch: An Orientation Program
stl counted xstitch


by Shirley Kay Wolfersperger

Technique Basics Blackwork
stl blackwork 1

by Ilse Altherr

 EGA Logo Chart
free ega logo

 Linda Ormesson 1972
Nina Soltwedel 1980


Wild Cornish Fuchsia
free wild cornish

Introduction to Stumpwork
Designed and offered
to EGA by Moira Knagg


American Flag Pin
free american flag

 by Carol Light
Light House Designs
Mount Gretna, PA


Name Tags
stl Name Tags1


Reindeer Ornament


Stitch Guide by Mary Waldsmith
Owl Stitchery


Halloween Plaid Spider


Pattern by Mary Waldsmith
Owl Stitchery



Lacy Canvas Scissors Case

lacy scissors

Designed by Margaret Bendig







How to Colorwash Needlepoint Canvas



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