Inspired by a love of our country's beauty and the desire to see it rendered in needlework, Judy Jeroy's dream of a national tapestry was developed. After traveling for several years, the Tapestry now hangs at EGA headquarters.


Five panels were designed and painted on #18 count mono canvas. Each panel was assigned a coordinator to facilitate the finishing. No techniques were excluded in the stitching of each panel, which represents certain geographic features and indigenous objects, animals, birds, and plants throughout the country. Literally thousands stitched on the five panels.


Follow the progress and development of the tapestry through the following articles from Needle Arts magazine or view the finished photos by clicking on the panels below.


tapestry story
National Tapestry
tapestry sep04
National Tapestry
project 1
project 2
project 3


Panel 1-postcard Panel 2-postcard 180 Panel 3 postcard 180 Panel 4-postcard 180 Panel 5-postcard 180

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