MaddieAre you between the ages of 7 and 17? Do you want to learn how to embroider? Do you want to learn different embroidery stitches and techniques? EGA has a youth membership program designed for you.

You may join EGA as a youth member directly through EGA or through a chapter. National youth members submit $15 annual dues directly to EGA. Chapter youth members submit $15 annual dues to a chapter.

Benefits for both National EGA Youth Memberships and Chapter Youth Memberships are:

  • Youth members receive newsletters. Each newsletter includes at least one free project.
  • Youth members are able to participate in one group or individual study course per year at the individual rate.

Chapter Youth Members may attend local chapter meetings and chapter functions. (Youth members attending EGA chapter events must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must complete The Informed Consent, Permission to Participate, and Release of Liability Form (aka, Parental Consent Form).

Contact info: Sandra Gordon 

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Youth Membership

A person between 7 and 17 may join EGA through EGA or through a chapter. The annual youth membership fee is $15.

Click here to download the youth form to join directly through EGA. To join through a chapter, contact the chapter


Guides for Non-EGA Groups

EGA P&Ps for Chapters/Regions: Refer to Youth Program in EGA Policies; Section 1 General Policies. N. Youth Program and Membership for details about youth members in chapters and regions. EGA P&Ps are in Member Login.

Teaching Resources

Gulfview Chapter Stitching Series

Lesson Plan Teaching Children 6-9 years old

Lesson Plan Teaching Children 10+ years old

Parental Consent Form

Parental Consent Form

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